Scout & Catalogue

A few weeks back in a ‘weekly round-up’ post I mentioned the company Scout & Catalogue for their beautiful bags and jewelry.  Well, I found myself frequenting their online store a bit too often, and couldn’t resist any longer.  Now, I own one!  I ordered their Pastel Navajo clutch, and I love it!

The company maintains a mission to be environmentally friendly by using found fabrics and recycling them into something beautiful.  Plus, the pieces are all handmade- and you know how this hippie feels about handmade and eco-friendly.  I’m surprised I even lasted this long without buying a piece.  And is it just me, or do you love it when only you and a select few will own something?  What can I say- I strive to be an individual 😛

It was really difficult to choose just one piece from the collection.  I was drawn to so many of the clutches, bracelets, and scarves I almost bought them all!  I love my clutch and the  fabric is beautiful, but I’m pretty certain I would have felt the same affection towards any item I decided to choose.  The attention to detail and care taken to create items from an individual seller or a small company is something I always appreciate.  My bag is extremely well made, and is of excellent quality.  Can’t wait to show it off! [and scour the company’s next season of goodies]

If you want to learn more about the company, Etsy featured Breanna back in February for their ‘Featured Seller’ piece.


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