The weekly-round up

So um, Thanksgiving?  Yeah, could you hurry up and get here already??  Christmas and New Years?  You too.  kthanks.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, but mid-November through New Years is my favorite time of the year.  So much happiness, so many family gatherings, and delicous food!  Plus, it’s Fall for the majority of the time, and really- aren’t you happier when you look out the window and have a sea of yellow, red, and orange shining back at you?  Oh yeah, and it’s my birthday.  That helps too 😛

I have lots of goodies for you this week so lets get started shall we??

You know I love wine, but what I love more than wine? A good deal.  Here, the two are combined.  I’m in heaven.

I’m loving these hand printed linens.  Now all I need is a white country kitchen with big bright windows to put them in…

This site is great.  I’m not totally convinced by some of the pricing, but I always enjoy a place that celebrates a creative mind.  Two of my favorite pieces:

I think this could potentially be too much work for a brownie, but you have to admire her creativity! [scroll down for English]

Ok, some more beautiful tea towels.  What is up with me and linens lately!?  I’m a sucker for the foliage prints.

I need to go to New York, and I need to go there NOW

Oh man I want to live here…well, maybe for like a week…it could get old living underground near the Arctic Cirlce.  Maybe.

I wish I had discovered this website a month ago for our roadtrip

Have a fabulous weekend friends!  Enjoy the calm before the Thanksgiving madness next week!  Also, make this.  Please.  Seriously, those slowlygoingbad bananas will thank you.


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