Would you like some cheese with that wine?

Instead of having a post this week consisting of random articles/products etc I find interesting and worth sharing, I thought I would post on something else I find worth sharing: wine.

We drank a lot of wine on our roadtrip.

I mean, we were in California.  How could we not?  It’s a little ironic that we never made it to Napa or Sonoma, but it was out of the question since we were leaving San Francisco with a 14 hour drive ahead of us up to Portland…yeah, wineries aren’t open at 8am.

We did manage to go to tastings in Paso Robles, an area near Santa Cruz, and Bainbridge Island in Seattle.

I bought 7 bottles of wine.  Whoops [?]  Some of them were as delicious as I remember during the tasting.  Others, I clearly bought because I’m a lightweight and alcohol tends to have an influence over me after two tastings- causing me to believe everything I try is absolutely wonderful.

The standouts of the group would have to be:

A 2006 Zin-Syrah blend called “High School Sweethearts” from the Burrell School Vineyards.  I’m having trouble finding it on their website, so it’s possible they’ve sold out 😦  Another wine of theirs I remember enjoying was their 2006 “Dean’s List” Cabernet Sauvignon.

A 2007 Syrah from Zenaida Cellars.  It was here that we learned if you are a male out in public with one other male in San Francisco, when you order a smoothie they will ask if you want two straws.  True story.

A 2008 Pinotage from Lora Prieta Winery, which is also sold out.  I’m such a bummer. BUT their 2009 is still available!  They hosted a great wine tasting with an extraordinary view so if you are ever in the area- I highly suggest making a visit.  There was a band, and there was bocce.

I love the corks from the Burrell School Vineyards. Talk about going with a theme!

A 2008 Cuvée from Amelia Wynn Winery.  The guys who make this wine are really awesome and friendly so if you are near the Seattle area take a trip over to Bainbridge Island.  They’re very welcoming and if you need to know anything about wine, they would be more than happy to oblige.

Some other wines I happen to love [completely un-related to the roadtrip] include:

2009 Sin Zin, Zinfandel

Stonemason ’08 Shiraz

Broke Ass Red Wine [trust me on this one.  It’s cheap, but it’s good]

2009 Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir

Yes, they’re all reds.  While I do enjoy a Chardonnay from time to time, I will almost always prefer a red.  I enjoy the bold fruit flavors, the occasional hint of cocoa, the dry taste lingering on my tongue.  I just enjoy it.  Plus, it’s Fall now.  A refreshing and slightly chilled white wine, to me, screams spring and summer.

I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve had my fair share of wines and been to more wine tastings than I can count.  Everyone, of course, has their own specific tastes and may not like very dry red wines [my preference], but if you do- please give some of these a try. They’re all under $20, and if you don’t like ’em?  At least you can still get a bit tipsy 🙂

The view from Lora Prieta Winery


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