Vegetable Lasagna

I know I usually do an installment of weekly internet finds on Fridays, but…um…I don’t really feel like it.  Maybe tomorrow?  Basically, I have the day off work for Veteran’s Day, it’s cold and windy, and I’ve been watching TV for too long to have any motivation.  I had this post written for next week so it completely appealed to my laziness.  Enjoy!

I mentioned a few weeks back my developing obsession with the blog Green Kitchen Stories, but I had yet to actually make any of their recipes.  To be honest, I didn’t know where to start!  I wanted it all- including their amazing photography skillz.

Their, self titled, “best lasagna in the world” was absolutely, the best in the world.  Or at least the best in my recent memory.  Sure, it’s tough to compete with Stouffer’s meat-n-cheese laden version, but I enjoyed this much more.  Mainly because I like vegetables and have a pretty strong aversion to ground beef.  It’s gross.  It just is.  Read some articles. Have I mentioned that I read too much?  It totally ruins some things for me…anyway

I decided to try out their lasagna recipe as my celebratory first recipe.  I substituted a bell pepper for the zucchini because of my mom’s ‘issue’ with all kinds of squash, and had to use [gasp] dried basil because our plant is totally shot for the season.  Otherwise, I followed the recipe pretty closely.  Scratch that.  I also substituted spinach for kale.  Mainly because that was what we had.

I knew I was going to Whole Foods over the weekend so this recipe, filled with vegetables and cheese would be perfect.  Whole Foods is known for their beautiful fruits and vegetables- plus I’ve had my eye on their fresh cheeses for a while.  It’s true what they say: fresh, quality ingredients always make for a better meal. Simple math.

More simple math: no-cook pasta = a life saver.  Especially if you’re trying to prep a lasagna before a run when it’s dark by 5:30.  Daylight savings time can be such a bummer.

Now back to the recipe.  Lasagnas are as different as the people who make them.  Some people want a lot of cheese, some don’t.  Some want beef, some want vegetables.  I was drawn to this recipe because of a few things:

1. The vegetables!!  I mentioned this, but I favor vegetables over beef.  Truth.

2. The addition of lemon to the ricotta.  It’s genius!  Lemon makes everything better.

3. The make-your-own arrabiata sauce.  I generally enjoy spicy foods, and if you’re making lasagna from scratch you might as well go all in.  No jarred sauce for me!

To save some time, I made the tomato sauce, ricotta cheese mixture, and chopped all the vegetables the night before.  With that done, I was able to assemble in time to get in a solid 5k before the sun went down.  Take that daylight savings time!!

I hope you give Green Kitchen Stories a look- they have a lot of great recipes stashed away over there.  The yoga pot is calling my name for a few lunches next week…

**The lasagna is excellent the next day for lunch or dinner! [or breakfast…no judging]


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