Pork Butt

I laugh when I see a recipe that calls for pork butt.  I’m 22 [almost 23…in exactly 3 weeks…not that I’m counting…].  It’s also called pork shoulder, but I don’t acknowledge that name.  It will always be pork butt to me.

What’s that? That picture looks disgusting?!  You’re totally right, but buck up kid- it tastes amazing.

Something magical happens in the 10 hours from when you press ‘start’ on your slow cooker and when the “I’m done!” beep sounds off.  Your house will smell so amazing you’re going to want to drink the air with a straw.  You will be calm and colleced instead of a hectic mess because, oh yeah, you’re using a slow cooker and it does all the work for you!!  Pork butt [haha] practically cooks itself. Simmering beautifully in its own fat until it reaches a level of tenderness you can barely lift it out of the crock pot it falls apart so easily.

You will try and be healthy because you know this cut of meat is high in fat, but it’s an afterthought.  Really, you just want to dig in to that pork butt [is it just me? seriously, that’s funny.  yeah?].

Finally, you can’t take it anymore.  Who cares if it’s 5:45.  This smells way to good to resist any longer.  Dinner time folks.  Eat up that pork butt 🙂


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