\\ aside \\

Friday I met up with friends from college.  Not just any friends, great friends.  The kind that understands you like no one else ever will.  Not because we’ve known each other the longest, but because we’ve struggled together.

Architecture studio is rough- a unique experience to be sure, and these people went through it with me.

They know what I look like after I’ve had an average of three hours of sleep in three days, haven’t showered [the ugly truth], and am surviving off a diet of pop tarts and coffee.  They know that even though I snapped at them, I don’t mean it.  I just want to go to bed and eat a vegetable.

We were under pressure together.  Constantly being critiqued on the work we spent endless hours working on while normal people are sleeping, driving us into a crazy emotional vulnerability.  We have cried together in the computer lab at 4 am waiting for our drawings to render.  No wait.  Scratch that.  Architecture students don’t cry…

We understand each other in a way no one else ever will because they weren’t there. They weren’t in studio with us, sleeping on the floor in make-shift beds under our drawing boards or watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy [plus Wall-e, Fantasia, and about 6 other disney cartoons- the classics] on a classroom projector making models all night.  No, most people wont be able to connect with us on that level.

Mainly they wont understand why we did it.  We probably can’t explain it ourselves, we just know we did it.  Together.

It makes me sad and slightly nostalgic that this was the first time in probably a year so many of us have hung out.  Just another reminder that life goes on- whether we want it to or not.

In brighter news, this weekend I also had a date with the Annapolis mall and Whole Foods, followed by my Grandma’s chow mein on Sunday.  So yeah, it was a fabulous weekend.


2 thoughts on “\\ aside \\

  1. “Mainly they wont understand why we did it. We probably can’t explain it ourselves, we just know we did it. Together.”

    perfectly said, Ms. Wolfe.


    1/4 of the SA’s of 3G (how’s that for cryptic)

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