The weekly round-up

TGIF ya’ll.

But seriously…it’s been a long week.  Mentally of course, I still only worked 5 days- it just felt much longer.  Luckily Veteran’s Day is considered a federal holiday so next week is a short one!

Anyway, I tried harder in order to make up for last weeks lack of links.  Hopefully I succeeded:

How to run!!  I found this interesting since I’m a runner, but either way it’s a good read.  Your body can do ridiculous things.

Another NY Times article, this time on the “mini craze“.  The psychology behind it is amazing…and backwards[?]…just read it.

A totally talented chick

Oy, I love the Selby.  And this apartment.

I really like this jewelry line, and that each piece is one-of-a-kind.  Of course, the one’s I like the most are sold out [#265 and #263].  If they’re sold out why are they on the website? To tease me!?

I’m totally not a card person.  Mainly because I hate Hallmark.  These, however, I can get behind.

I want to go skiing.  I’m totally planning a ski trip this winter.  I’m suffering withdrawal.

At first, I thought this was a little weird.  Until I realized it was genius.  Now people will remember your name and your face.  I sense a purchase in the near future.

and to end…

In lieu of the 7 billionth person being born on Monday, I give you this chart.  I’m watching you Houston.

Have a great weekend!


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