Happy November!!  Hope your Halloween [aka the best holiday ever] was fun and spooky!  I dressed up as Sacagawea over the weekend and as a cowgirl for work yesterday.  Trick-or-Treating isn’t very popular in our neighborhood, which is good because we ditched the house and went to a wine tasting at the Blue Wind [aka the best place to eat in St. Mary’s County].  It’s like trick-or-treating for adults!  But seriously, how can you not love a holiday that allows everyone to let loose, dress a little crazy, act out of character, and eat candy [or drink wine]!?

Anyway…back to that wonderful picture of vegetables up there.  In need of some healthy, filling lunches I went on a search for easy to make and easy to portion meals.  I’ve been making burritos with leftover wraps and any random vegetables, cheeses, beans, and meat we have in the refrigerator [it’s less disgusting than that sounds], but after 5 days of burritos I was ready for a change.

I came across this recipe for roasted vegetables with quinoa and pesto via twitter [so obsessed], and it was just what the doctor ordered.  Especially after I saw the key ingredients: a.) brussels sprouts and b.) butternut squash.  Sold.

My recommendation for the recipe is to omit the pesto [not necessary] and instead roast your vegetables with some herbs for flavor.  Also, the proportions were a bit off- I would up the amount of veggies if I were you.  I know you love your vegetables.  Of course, you can always sub in other fall vegetables if these aren’t to your liking.

I first ate butternut squash in this recipe for Moroccan quinoa and loved it’s the mild sweetness and the hearty/filling aspect it brought to the meal.  Now that it’s in season I can’t get enough!

are those green veins normal? I hope so...because I ate it anyway...

I apparently lost steam towards the end of making this meal, and failed to take a picture of the finished product.  Instead, I took a picture of my final lunch burrito.

Who says burritos have to be wrapped!? Well, technically I think a burrito is meant to be wrapped, but that’s beside the point.  I got a little over-zealous with my filling [spinach, black beans leftover from this [yeah, I made it again], feta, chipotle peppers, cucumber, and bell pepper] and wasn’t able to actually wrap it.  No problem, I’ll just shove it all in a tupperware and call it a day.  Still tasted the same 🙂


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