The weekly round-up

I don’t even know what to say.  I’m slacking.  Was I not on the internet this week?  Or was nothing interesting?  Either way, I only have a few links for you this Halloween friday. Désolé!

What I do have is a awesome, comforting, totally-perfect-for-a-cold-night recipe: spaghetti and meatballs.  But with pesto.  “Say What!?”  Yeah, I said it.  Tomato sauce, you’re out.  Just try it.  Please?

Serving it with wine is a given.

Let’s get into the holiday spirit shall we?…by drinking cider.  I have yet to see them at any stores down here, but maybe DC?

Dear scarves, you’re pretty

I’m loving these two health food blogs: Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots.  The photography is excellent, the writing is great, and [obviously] they’re full of healthy food!

Way to go New York!  Here’s an article on the state’s first passive house and the country’s 11th [Europe has 25,000…come on America, where’s your competitive spirit!?]

I’m feelin’ jazzy today so here’s a song to suit my mood:

M83, “Midnight City” [yes, the music video is slightly creepy…sorry…just listen!]

one more- I couldn’t resist

The Heavy, “How You Like Me Now?”


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