apple molasses cookies

Confession: this was the first time I have ever used molasses in a recipe, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever eaten it [but you never know].

Confession: it kind of grosses me out.  It’s black, it smells almost like a vinegar, but damn does it make for a good cookie.  I was nervous they wouldn’t though [shame on me!], and almost used maple syrup because- in my mind- they were one in the same.  Good thing Google is around to tell us all that we are, in fact, very wrong.  Do not substitute maple syrup!  If you’ve ever tasted the two side-by-side, you will know why.  Very different tastes friends, very different.

Be sure to finely dice your apple [I used granny smith, but I bet a McIntosh would be delicious as well], and to heed Lisa’s advice of baking only 10 minutes!  They turn out amazing- especially if you’re a member of the “fudgy brownie club”.  Of course if you prefer the cake-y brownies over the [clearly supreme] fudgy one’s, you may want to bake a minute or two longer.

I cut the recipe in half, and it turned out juuust fine.

That’s all I’m going to say.  Have a great Thursday!

[and make these this weekend!! 🙂 ]


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