The weekend- part II

Well aren’t I a posting fiend today!?  Since I find both the National Zoo and Shenandoah National Park completely awesome there was no way I could file them into a single measley post.  Plus, I took too many pictures…

Shenandoah is known for it’s beautiful Fall foliage so I wanted to head out there before it was too late and the wind took all that orange and gold away.  Considering the amount of times I slipped on fallen leaves hiking down the mountain- the wind has already taken a good part of it’s fair share.

Sunday was a beautiful day- clear skies, sunny, high around 65.  Perfect day for a hike!  Continuing with my quest to take a different trail every time I visit, I decided on Bucks Hollow Trail and Mary’s Rock to make up a nice 9-mile hike.  The first mile and a half were straight up the mountain and it was hard.  There was some serious sweating going on [TMI? sorry…].  I was having flash backs of hiking half dome in Yosemite with miles of stairs while you’re climing up past the waterfalls.  After that initial climb there were series of flat and uphill sections before you got to the parking lot on Skyline Drive.  I crossed the road to continue onto Mary’s Rock.  I’m really glad I decided to take on the extra hike- the views from the top made it well worth the effort.  And, as usual, there were very few people on the trails which made for a peaceful afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures I snapped throughout the day- the forest was glowing! Waking up at 6 am was completely worth it solely because it meant I was able to see the sun rise and shine through the leaves, having everything glow orange, yellow, and red.

I hope you can make it to Shenandoah before the leaves are gone for the season!


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