The weekend- part I

My sister was in town this weekend to visit friends in DC so some of the fam and I went up to see her Saturday.

We started off with lunch at Palena.

If you are planning on going to dc- you should go here.  I’m not joking.  The head chef worked in the white house under two [TWO] presidents and is a magician with food.  I ordered the buckwheat crepe filled with ricotta and spinach topped with a fried egg and ham.  The serving size was perfect, but I could have eaten two portions that meal was so delicious.  Everyone else was pretty much in the same boat. Seriously, go there.

we were all way too excited about "coke in a glass bottle!

For after lunch I had convinced everyone that going to the National Arboretum was a great idea, but once we starting dealing with Southbound traffic on Connecticut Ave. it was a unanimous decision that the zoo was a much better option.

To the Zoo!!  I don’t think I’ve been there since freshman or sophomore year in college!  A trip was well over due.

they had it decorated for "Boo at the Zoo"

Our first stop was the big cats exhibit because that’s clearly the best part of the zoo. The tigers were relaxin’, but the lions were younger and more energetic.  Therefore, I took a million pictures of them:

It’s funny how, even though lions are much larger and much more dangerous than a house cat- they’re still just cats.  The sad part was someone had tossed a candy wrapper into the water and that’s what the lion was trying to get.  Hopefully the workers at the zoo were able to get it away from him before he tried to eat it…

You know what else is funny?  How similar monkeys/apes/orangutans are to us.  We all know about evolution, but it still blows my mind when I see them in person interacting with each other and with humans.  They’re one of the few animals that actually look back at you from behind the glass…

a baby!!

the silverback straight chillin'

Another cute monkey? The endangered Golden Tamarin.  One of them had befriended a two-toed sloth and was laying on his stomach the whole time.  True friendship.

Do you get the feeling I really like the zoo?  I admit, I was picture happy.  I have mixed feelings about the zoo though.  On the one hand, I love it because I can see all these amazing animals and they help to breed endangered animals.  On the other hand, it’s pretty sad to see them essentially locked in cages, and restricted to a limited square-foot glass environment surrounded by loud people and finger tapping.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an immediate solution to that conundrum.

Here are a few more pictures I couldn’t resist showing you:

grooming time

And to end, a family photo.  Grandpa is such a stud, it’s him and all his ladies.


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