The weekly round-up

I’m already a bit behind on this post so let’s just jump right into it shall we??

Sometimes, I just like looking at pretty things.  This satisfies that craving

MORE pretty things.  I’m diggin’ that Little Red Riding Hood one

This is where I want to be.  All. The. Time.

I would also love to be in any of these rooms.  Preferably with a cup of hot cocoa. Bring on the Fall weather!

Great words: “and then I realized adventure was the best way to learn”

I’m totally into this new trend on painting your TOMs shoes.  I especially like this one

Such a time sucker.

Umm so I realize this is totally not necessary for any form of hiking, and my Northface has served me well….but…I want it

Also- what is wrong with me!!??

I haven’t blessed this blog with music in far too long.

To rectify that situation here is a song for your weekend:

Needtobreathe, “Drive All Night” 

ok, ok.  Here’s another 🙂

Kassidy, “Oh My God”

Happy weekend friends!  My sister is visiting DC this weekend, and I’m planning on a Fall foliage trip to Shenandoah!

You know what I think you should do? Sandwich york peppermint patties in-between brownie batter.  Yeah, it’s as good as it sounds.

Over and out.


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