The ultimate mac-n-cheese

When I see an article titled “Martha Stewart’s Macaroni and cheese: The Ultimate Recipe?“, I pay attention.

I’ve mentioned my love for cheese before, and the special place in my heart for macaroni and cheese so it should be no surprise I was game for this recipe.

It still baffles me that vegans are able to give up this thing I like to call “heaven”.  I bow down to you, you clearly possess a will-power I do not have.

In fact, I was as giddy as a 5 year-old on my drive home from the gym Monday night because I knew there was a bubbling casserole of mac-n-cheese waiting for me at home.  I should probably stop admiting things like that to people.  It could be interpreted as “weird”.

mmm béchamel

My most recent craving was spawned by this article advertised on the Kitchn last week.  Most people take their macaroni and cheese seriously [Martha totally does], so to see Kristen Miglore feature this in her ‘Genius Recipes’ feature was music to my…eyes?

Enter: a top 5 nominee for the best mac-n-cheese I’ve ever eaten [and I’ve had many…I’m kind of a mac-n-cheese slut].  It mastered the béchamel with a perfect combination of sharp cheddar and a pungent gruyère, a teeny bit of spicy with the cayenne, and some added depth of flavor with the nutmeg.  Buttered croutons don’t hurt either, though I used whole wheat bread crumbs- because that was what we had- and it was just enough crunch on top.

For some reason, it had never occurred to me that I should boil the noodles less than the box-recommended time so they could absorb the béchamel sauce in the oven and therefore finish cooking without turning mushy- beautiful.  I love learning, don’t you??

Also, as a general life rule, any recipe involving gruyère cheese has a 95% chance of being awesome.  Most all mac-n-cheese recipes are, if not similar, exactly the same except the cheeses used.  I’m a fan of the gryuère choice.  Bravo, Martha.

I’m so jealous of my mom for getting to eat leftovers for lunch.  I felt like I owed her though because I didn’t offer up any of my baked plantain on Sunday and she apparently really likes my baked plantains.  Oh the things I do for my family 😛


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