You turn down a side road and see a bike chained up next to a house all by it’s lonesome. It makes you wonder what that person was doing on their bike ride.  Errands?  Going for a joy ride? Were they in a rush so they just chained it up outside? Maybe they had groceries in their hands so they couldn’t bring it inside.  Or maybe that’s just where they keep it because their apartment is too small.

I don’t exactly know why lone objects fascinate me so much- visually that is- they just do.

So I like to study them.  Not in a particularly scholarly way or anything.  I’m not that serious. I just like to photograph and mentally log different ways seemingly ordinary objects can become extraordinary given the correct setting [or the correct photo-cropping/composition].  Or maybe I’m just nosy.

Since I have this habit of looking through my old pictures- I thought I would compile a few of my favorites for you.  Not all of them are by-chance solitary objects.  Most were made solo on purpose.  To send a message.  I like this idea- that some things are more powerful and more effective because there is only one.  I mean, what would be the point of trekking all the way to the middle of no-where England if there were Stonehenges everywhere? And, no, Carhenge doesn’t count.

I got lazy with my labeling, but if you would like to know where any of these photos were taken- just ask!


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