Kale cobbler- it’s better than it looks

For the past 23 years I was pretty convinced that I did not like kale.

I went through years of dinners at my grandparents’ passing the plate of kale along to it’s next victim on my left.  Can you really blame me though?  It’s not the prettiest of vegetables when it’s buttered and simmered for 30 minutes, and I’m a visual eater.  I had never even eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until college because I was convinced I didn’t like jelly [you can’t deny that it looks disgusting].  I’ve made up for lost time on that one.  I’m a converted pb&j lover. But with strawberry preserves, not grape. That’s just wrong.

Well, now that I’m older and wiser I’ve started to give certain foods another chance.  I now eat cream cheese willingly and have definitely eaten cow tongue- and it was delicious. When I found Heidi Swanson’s recipe for vegetarian hot pot last week I asked my mom to buy some kale from the Amish since I knew it was in season.  I’ve learned my lesson.  She came back with an entire box of kale that we could barely fit into three plastic grocery bags and shove in the fridge.

so. much. kale.

Since I’m not one to throw away good food- I made it work.  I eased myself into kale with the hot pot and some green monster smoothies that tasted more like bananas than kale, then finally- this recipe.

I’ve made dishes from the Yellow House before [here and here], and absolutely loved them so I trusted my taste buds with her cobbler recipe.  Excellent life choice.

It was earthy and savory with a little spicy from the sausage, and really- what meal isn’t made better with the addition of biscuits?

Since I was lazy/high on DayQuil I made drop biscuits because it was easier and instead of andouille sausage I substituted [no, not hot dogs even though that’s what it looks like] chicken sausage with chiles and jalapenos.

I would like you all to admire my mixing skillz with those clearlynotcompletelycombined biscuits and their spots of flour on top.  Professional at work right here.


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