The weekend

Last weekend….

…there was a mini high school reunion.

I have always considered myself lucky to have found such great friends so early in life.  Six years after graduation and we’re still carrying on like we used to.  Friday was our friend Julie’s 24th birthday and Adams Morgan was our rendezvous.  Nine of us who went through college, high school, middle school, and -yes- even elementary school together were reunited, and it never felt so good.

New friends are amazing.  But old friends are the best.  The ones that know all your quirks. The ones that can call you out on something you did 5 years ago.  The one’s that you haven’t seen in a year, but when you meet up it’s like you just saw each other yesterday.

…there was a wedding.

I went with my friend patrick to his sister’s wedding- my first!  I felt so grown-up. WAS a St. Mary's wedding

The wedding was beautiful- on the water, blue skies, 65 degrees.  Everything a bride and groom could dream of.  It was held at the lovely Brome Howard Inn right near St. Mary’s City [we could even see the Ark and the Dove docked across the water!]

Plus there was an open bar so there was lots of fun to be had 🙂  That family can throw a good party.

…there was a baby

Again, not mine.  My friend’s.  She’s totally adorable, but mainly because she isn’t mine and isn’t waking me up in the middle of the night.  I’m perfectly happy waiting a few several years before I bring another human being into this world.

…there were waffles

but seriously, sometimes living at home is totally awesome.  Thanks mom.

…there was Columbus day

I’m still not entirely sure why this is considered a Federal holiday, but it is and I’m cool with it.  I love it when the work week starts on a Tuesday.


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