Weekly round-up

I would also like to apologize in advance: I am highly caffeinated.

Now let’s get on with the show…

I’m totally buying this [when I get money] even though I don’t have an iPhone [yet].  My wallet is failing me.  It has a hole in it and I drop coins everywhereee

Another thing I would like to buy if I had money.  They’re beautiful! I want them alll

I need new glasses- mine are strugglin’.  How about these?  I’m partial to them because we share the same name.

I like this article.  But seriously, it addresses a great question: when are buildings going to adapt?

Need a good “lol”? Me too.  Here you go

What about a re-assurance that, yes, there are people out there who have less common sense than you? Ya? ok kewl

I need a pie from here ASAP.  I’m sensing another roadtrip coming on…

And to end, an awesome playlist for you to download.  For free.  You’re welcome 🙂

Have a great weekend friends!  I’ll be celebrating some birthdays and a new born baby girl!**

**not mine


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