Weekend adventures in St. Mary’s

Bread was baked. Apple and honey challah to be exact.  No, I’m not Jewish, but I love a good challah as much as the next non-Jew.

There was hot pot.  Not the traditional Chinese kind that I’m used to, but still a very satisfying lunch for a cold Sunday afternoon.

We had a bonfire.  Thanks Irene for all the debris.

Or relaxation skills were honed, and -in case you’re wondering- we’re really good at it. Dad was clearly not impressed with Gracie.

Plantains were sliced, smushed, salted, peppered, broiled, and eaten.

"here kids, meet Bacon!"

Goats really will eat anything

I found out we have a bison [bison!] farm in St. Mary’s County.  Yes, you read that right. Apparently, when I was very young we used to live near the farm and my mom neglected to inform me of this until Saturday when we visited Summerseat Farm and saw part of the herd there.  No worries, we talked to Dick.  He’s going to hook us up with some bison meat 🙂

I tagged along to the Amish auction with my mom- mainly because I was interested, but partly because I was trying to avoid any other mass purchases of fruit/vegetables considering we already have 10 lbs of apples, a box of kale, and a box of sweet potatoes…

…so naturally there was sweet potato pie.

But best of all- I met up with some friends for drinks to catch up.  It was a good weekend.


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