Weekly round-up

“Theorizing about marginally useless stuff is one of my specialties, so I’ve given this some thought. It’s about feeling like someone took trouble to please you. When you get that perfectly-sized-for-one item, you feel like one of a kind. It seems like it was made just for you: like someone wants to make you  happy. It feels like love.”

-Foodie with Family

Oh yes. I may have been without regular access to the internet for 3 weeks, but I dove right back in.  I felt so out of the loop!  Here are a few of my favorites:

These rings [of course my first searches were shopping related].  I really like the gold and purple color combo in the first picture.

This recipe sounds like an proper send off for summer.  I know it’s in French but the general gist is this: get good bread; slice and oil good bread; top with slices of eggplant, goat cheese, and figs; grill; eat with white wine.

This store looks really awesome.  The designers are from Texas and since the website just launched- it’s free shipping through October!

Finally! Affordable and healthy[?] housing in the Bronx.  Equal opportunity people.

Philosophy posters.  No, seriously.  They’re better than they sound.

I love me some scarves.  These are hand dyed, and relatively inexpensive!

I also just enjoy reading this blog.

I know Fall just started, but I can’t wait for everything pumpkin and sweet potato flavored!!

I also hope I make it to an Oktoberfest.  Just in case I have this recipe to back me up.

Have a great weekend! I’m going to try and make it up to DC to catch the tail end of the Solar Decathlon– UMD is in the lead right now!


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