My quest to find a place to live: California dreamin’

It’s possible I’m in love with California.

I need to research what’s going on with that state [bancrupcy wise]…aka ask my dad what’s going on with their taxes, etc. because if it’s do-able I’m totally moving.  Like, tomorrow.  The idea of jumping in head first, moving somewhere, and making it up as I go along has such a bad ass/carefree feel to it.  Unfortunately, my type-A side and the economy wont let me do that.  First step: find a job in California.  Second step: jump in head first.

The weather ranged from really hot [ok, it was around 80] in San Diego to really cold and windy in San Francisco.  Admittedly, if I had checked the weather ahead of time and packed accordingly I wouldn’t of been so cold in San Fran, but that’s what shopping is for!  A few sweaters may have been acquired on this trip…

Great weather, little to no humidity, spectacular examples of Mother Nature, WINE, what’s not to love?  Sure, the state is broke, but so am I so we can bond.

Maybe it’s the nomad in me or maybe California really is the place for me, but after this roadtrip I’ve developed a yearning for the West Coast.  I want to be able to exercise outside year round, go to an amazing farmer’s market every weekend [or every day].  I want to let my “crunchy”** side out.

**I recently learned this term.  Apparently it’s used to describe people who love to be outdoors and eat “crunchy” granola.  It’s  basically a hippy.  Thanks Erin for that Snapple fact.

To follow are some pictures I snapped while we took our sweet time driving through California.  How can you not love it?!  Let’s find jobs and move out there together 🙂

There's beach...Carmel by the Sea

there's succulents...Santa Barbara

there's wine...near Santa Cruz

there's cute cafes with excellent espresso...Carmel by the Sea

there's touristy things...Santa Barbara Mission

and then, of course, there's hiking...Yosemite


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