My quest to become the favorite child

Oh yes, it’s real.

When I was younger it was easy.  I was the innocent little 5/6 year old who just wanted mommy and daddy to loOoOove me, and my sister was the 9/10 year old who was learning how to rebel.  I was a shoo in.  A few years later it flip-flopped and I was the spacey tween while my sister was the super organized, super smart high schooler.  Then my sister was out of the house at college so she was definitely the favorite because I was the moody teenager stuck at home.

whopsies! no worries, I'm going to smother you in icing

Now we’re equal [slash we were always equal I just like to create competitions whenever possible].

Until I made this cake from Foodie with Family that is**.  Sorry Jaclyn, you never had a chance.  For the next day or two while this cake is sitting at home, and I’m driving around Cali- I’m totally the favorite.  It’s just too good.  Cinnamon cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting!? Oh yeah, definitely the favorite right now.

**Some notes on the recipe: for the cake I used 1/2 stick less butter than it called for and maybe 1/4 – 1/2 cup less sugar.  I cut the recipe for the icing in half because we only had about 2 cups of powdered sugar in the pantry.  It turned out a bit grainy because even with cutting the recipe in half that wasn’t enough sugar, but I think that amount of icing was plenty- no need to make the whole batch.  Warning: it is VERY sweet.  Like prepare your taste buds for the sugar shock sweet. I would suggest using less brown sugar in the icing and cutting sugar from the cake.  I wouldn’t use less than 1 1/4 cups sugar for the cake batter though- you don’t want to mess up the consistency too much.


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