Weekly round-up

So you know how I thought my allergies were “raging” from the fallen trees? Turns out allergies were not raging and instead it was a raging sinus infection.  Awesome.  NOT.  I would like to thank my coughing/sneezing co-worker.  This one’s for you.  It’s cool, Dayquil and I are bffl’s so I’m on the recovery.

Considering that internet access was limited for the beginning of the week I still managed to find a considerable amount of ‘interestings’ on the world wide web

Like an eco barbie dream house.  That girl has everything…

and this new design for coke

Snap this girl is skilled

I want this for breakfast everyday…I think I’ll start tomorrow

My next mini-vacation

Ok so how weird is it that I really want a rucksack?  I think it’s only a 5 but I may be wrong…

Decorative pillows are a great way to change up a room for little cost, and I want allll of these

Another camera I want…le sigh

I’m kind of obsessed with this architecture firm based in NY.  I found them via some casual stalking of my friend’s fb wall, and I literally went through their entire housing portfolio in a single sitting.  Hey, I wasn’t feeling great and words weren’t making sense so I settled on pretty pictures.  I especially love how they always use “views” and window placement as a major part of their design process- the “views” diagram for the CC01 house was one of my favorites.  Actually, that housing project was my favorite of theirs…I think…

I’ve also been trying my hand at baking because after that post on Wednesday I was like, “that ain’t right”.  I made these cookies from Serious Eats.  They were amazeballs.  I suggest you try them.

I also suggest you have an awesome 3-day weekend.  It’s good for the soul.

Here’s a song 🙂

The Civil Wars, “Barton Hollow”

[fun fact: if you go to their website you can download this song fo free! doitdoitdoit]


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