“We may make it through the war if we make it through the night”

Portugal the Man, “People Say”

It’s been a rough couple of days.  We still have no power [I’m currently mooching internet], there are about 20 trees down on our property, and my allergies are raging thanks to all the fallen trees.  In case you’re wondering, 40 hours [and counting] is a long time to go without electricity and running water.  I’m pretty sure I lost a few years of my life from raised blood pressure- it’s not a great feeling sitting in the dark hearing a tree trunk snap, and having no clue where the remaining part of that tree is headed. I’m still not entirely sure how the rest of the East Coast fared in the hurricane since our power shut off at about 7:30 Saturday night, but I hope everyone is safe and sound.  Irene really brought it down here in St. Mary’s County, but it wasn’t without a few lessons learned:

Lesson #1: Mother Naure hates our deck, but loves our house.  The fact that we have 5 trees on our back deck right now and the only damage to our actual house is a cut on a screen door is pretty remarkable.  All the trees were just tall enough to crush our deck, yet barely scrape the siding. The only exception is a maple that smashed against our sliding glass door causing it to bow inward.  My dad had to venture out in the middle of the storm to clip the banches off the top to release the pressure on the door- we have trouble opening and closing it now, but it’s still there with zero cracks in the glass!

Lesson #2: Our dog is a big baby.  I slept about 4 hours off and on Saturday night due to a combination of sheer anxiety that a tree was going to land on my head, and our dog whimpering next to my bed.  She would go through stages of whimpering/crying, and jumping up on my bed for someone to snuggle with.  Keep in mind we had no electricity at this point [read: no air conditioning] and it was hot already without a dog in the bed. What a baby.

our driveway after 3-4 hours of work

Lesson #3: We have amazing neighbors.  Our neighbor with a generator made coffee for everyone Sunday morning. People were out with their chainsaws making sure everyone was able to get in and out of their driveways, and we were all helping each other clear debris into piles on the street.  Our neighbor with a pool was even offering up pool water for flushing toilets and quasi-bathing water.  Best sponge bath of my life was Saturday night after having worked outside in the heat clearing debris and tree limbs all day.  No worries- our gym has power restored so this morning I worked out and took a shower there.  I feel a million times better.

Here’s to hoping we get power back on today, but there are still a ton of fallen trees on power lines so I’m not expecting too much.  Without internet or TV I was left to my own devices so please excuse the large amount of pictures to follow- all curtesy of Irene.

the flooding before the wind came

post clearing of the driveway. I’m still upset no one let me use the chainsaw



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