I’ve been wanted to post my running playlist for a while now, but I constantly tweak it depending on new releases or random songs that turn up on shuffle- always thinking the next version is better than the last- so I’ve been hesitant to share it.  However, now that I’m officially cooped up inside thanks to Irene, with my spinning class out of the way and coffee in hand- I’m hyper and in a sharing mood.  Lucky you!  Now on to the purpose of this post: exercise.

Yeah, I love it.  I’m one of those people.  Sorry.  I’ve also been a jock since age 6 when [in St. Mary’s] you’re allowed to start playing parks and rec. sports, so what do you expect?

The [not so] minor detail here is that this summer has been hot.  And humid.  80 degrees with 87% humidity already at 9am [yes, that happened] is not the best combination for breathing. Not to mention a burning swamp sending smoky air over the Potomac doesn’t help the situation.

So I slowed down.  A lot.

Since my bi-weekly outside runs have turned into a LSD run I’ve had to resort to other methods to try and keep me from suffocating in humidity.   **Well, it used to be “LSD”- long slow distance- until my senior year of high school when they made us stop calling it that due to the drug reference.  Because clearly a bunch of sports-driven teenagers from the middle of nowhere are going to be doing LSD

Anyway- running uuber slow, verging on heat exhaustion, for a few miles isn’t exactly ideal.  To escape, I started doing interval workouts on the treadmill every week [other treadmill workout ideas].  The treadmill isn’t ideal either, but it sure beats humidity so I’ll take it.  A killer playlist is pretty essential in the gym, and it was quite the learning curve because- even though I love Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”- it’s not the best song to run to.

There are mixed reviews about whether or not you should run with music because it could cause you to push yourself too far or ignore certain “bad hurts”.  My [not so] professional opinion is that so long as you stay in-tune with your music and your body you’ll be fine.  If you feel a painful twinge hinting at a pulled or strained muscle- stop.  Duh.

The playlist starts off slow so I don’t run too fast in the beginning, and sandwiches some more chill music with songs that have faster tempos.  I made the playlist that way because I tend to zone out in the middle of my runs and think about whatever is on my mind, so I let the music reflect that.  Feel free to re-arrange.  The music may not be for you, but give it a try- eh?

I usually do a 2:1 ratio of working to recovering for about 40 minutes [800m run, 400m jog], but really any amount of interval work is amazing for your cardiovascular health.  I’m able to run that long because during my 10-miler training I worked up to doing 8-800m repeats, but I would recommend starting off doing 3-4 and seeing how you feel.  Here’s my secret to getting through those minutes on the treadmill [including a warm-up and cool-down]:

Ultimate Treadmill Playlist: ~50 minutes

1. Rusted Root, “Send Me On My Way”, 4:23, jog

2. Mumford & Sons, “The Cave”, 3:35, first interval!

3. Panic! At the Disco, “Camisado”

4. MGMT, “Electric Feel”

5. The Naked and Famous, “Young Blood”

6. Third Eye Blind, “Crystal Baller”

7. Chevelle, “Send the Pain Below”

8. Paramore, “Pressure”

9. Kings of Leon, “Radioactive”

10. Muse, “Uprising”

11. Young The Giant, “My Body”, 4:04, last interval!

12. Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill” 4:21, cool down/jog

13. Broken Bells, “The High Road”, 3:52, run reeeaaaallllyyyy slow [or walk]

Sometimes I mix in other Kings of Leon songs, Ratatat, The White Stripes [Seven Nation Army especially], etc.  It’s good to keep mixing it up!

Hopefully this helps you get through the tail end of this heat wave when we’re all forced to seek shelter from the sun [or in the winter when the temperatures threaten frozen fingers].

So once natural disasters aren’t threatening your town, go turn up your iPod and run.  Just don’t be THAT person .  You know, the one that sings out loud at the gym…badly #petpeeve


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