Weekly round-up

I’m just going to keep calling it that: the “weekly round-up”.  Mainly because I’m running out of ideas for what to call the Friday posts, but also because it can be a theme.  Themes are good.  Right up there with lists and strawberry rhubarb pie.

Apologies in advance: this week’s “round-up” isn’t particularly mind-blowing.  It was a gloomy week over here on the East Coast.  Earthquake, rain followed by an extreme heat/humidity combo, and NOW a hurricane! I will say that the beginning of the week had a fabulous temperature drop.  Come on Fall!!  Perfect running weather, a nice crisp chill to the air, and the colors!  Ahh the reds, oranges, yellows, browns.  Bring it on.  I’m ready.  It’s only the best season of all.

Now, get ready for a few measly links:

This week I learned I like really expensive things.  It’s unfortunate.  But that would be too cute as a clutch.  Just saying.  Now who’s buying? 🙂

I love a good time-lapse video.  Feel free to play this on repeat…I did…

Proof solar panels don’t have to be ugly!

A great article on vernacular architecture

Another architecture link.  This one on Brian MacKay-Lyons’ Ghost Lab project in Nova Scotia.  One of my professors was invovled with Ghost 10, and he gave a presentation my Junior year of college- I’ve been obsessed ever since.

I love these ceramics!

I survived an earthquake.  Next step: survive another hurricane

Also- aren’t these little suckers cute!?  Mmm with blueberry and raspberry filling, aka: waaay more delicious than McDonald’s apple pies.  I would have saved you one, but…I only made 4.  Désolé!

To end, a peppy/soda pop-ish song for you to ride out the hurricane:

Motopony, “King of Diamonds”


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