You see, I’m a visual person [cue my degree in Architecture].

I’m good at math because I can find the pattern for solving the equation in examples.  Learn it, memorize it.

I can’t remember a person’s name to save my life, but if I see them I will know their face.  It’s awkward.

I’m great at directions- especially in cities.  People still don’t trust me though.  GoogleMaps reigns king.

I can’t follow a book on tape.  It just doesn’t happen.

I like patterns.

Here’s some visual noise for your Thursday morning:

Looking out of Wells cathedral

"meow" Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland

steps on a hiking path in the Yorkshire Dales

Saltaire, UK

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


Embassy of the Netherlands by O.M.A., Berlin

London- near Arsenal Stadium, building by Libeskind

Robin Hood's Bay


Sachsenhausen, concentration camp, just outside Berlin

Grange-over Sands

Stowe Gardens

Harewood Estate

Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales- AT&T ad?

Leicester University engineering building by James Sterling

Looking up at Kings College Chapel, Cambridge


Lloyd's building, London


Exhibit at the Tate Modern


2 thoughts on “P-p-P-patterns

  1. Love your work! Taking a photography course at the moment and one of the topics was Patterns, Texture and Shapes. You captured beautifully – thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you!
    Your class sounds awesome! I had always wanted to take a photography course in college, but for some reason I was too intimidated. I should look into one now…

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