Labels are so 1990’s

I love pizza.

A thin, crispy crust [preferably made on a grill]

Heavy on the tomato sauce, light on the cheese

I wont complain if you throw some spicy sausage on there either.

But rules are meant to be broken, yes?  I had a bit of left-over fig jam I made for these [they tasted great, but I didn’t roll the dough out thin enough.  More trial runs to follow], so when I came across a recipe for pizza using fig jam from Pioneer Woman I was:

a.) slightly weirded out

b.) glad I found a way to use the jam

c.) worried my parents would hear the ingredients and order take-out

I went for it anyway.  I used my favorite pizza dough recipe and subbed in some whole wheat flour for half of the regular flour, cut the recipe in half and made myself two pizza doughs [you can never have enough].  As a heads-up: this recipe has you refrigerate the dough for 24 hours so plan ahead.

Sure it isn’t a typical pizza, but sometimes labels ruin a meal.  If you hear the word ‘pizza’ and have images of a Chicago deep dish swimming through your brain, then this would be a huge let down.  Not all have to be doused in grease and fatty meats [I’m totally guilty of napkin dabbing].  Um, hello, margherita pizza anyone?  You have to get the American stigma of ‘pizza’ out of your brain.  Just throw it out.  Instead, imagine you’re eating some fresh bread with figs and prosciutto.

“Oh you think you fancy huh?”

The fig jam brought a nice sweetness [maybe too much…don’t over-do it], the prosciutto brought the salty, the mozzarella brought the creamy, and the arugula brought the bite.  It was a well-rounded team.

Another way to use this flavor combination: a panini with brie, ham, and a thin layer of jam.

So branch out, give it a try, re-think pizza.  Labels are so 1990’s.  Was I the only one who thought it was odd the yellow power ranger was Asian and the black power ranger was African-American? #justsaying

As a side note…will you LOOK at this lil nugget?  Such a cutie.  Diet’s not working to well though…


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