Sunday dinners

Sunday nights I wing it.  I’m lazy, I’m annoyed I have to go to work the next day, and I don’t feel like thinking.  It’s the rare occasion that I get all hyped-up and want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner with cute little side dishes, fresh bread, and dessert.  That’s what Saturday is for.

Sunday’s involve me scavenging through our freezer trying to find some steak we forgot about- threatening freezer burn, some poor vegetable that was sent to time-out in the freezer because we couldn’t manage to eat the ridiculous amount my mom bought from the Amish market.

I was doing my usual routine yesterday, and found a pound of chicken breast, skin on, bone in. Perfect for braising [a good recipe to use as a guide], perfect for a nice comforting Sunday meal.  That’s what I want at the end of a weekend: nothing too fussy, nothing too crazy, something just right Goldilocks. 

Hmm, to round out the meal: ~20 bell peppers my mom bought from the Amish that were starting to go bad because [surprise, surprise] it’s not humanly possible for 3 people to eat that many peppers.  check.  Onions from the grandparents.  check.  Noodles…no check.

Well that puts a damper on things now doesn’t it?  Going against my Sunday laziness I ventured out of the house to the Good Earth in an attempt to find egg noodles which is really the only acceptable companion with braised chicken and vegetables.  Instead, I came back with these beauties:I mean, come on, they have some serious flair.  I had to use them, and they were really the main reason for me making this post.  Braised chicken?  Delicious, but nothing too revolutionary.  Those noodles?  Love at first sight.  I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Dinner tonight? A jar of Jalfrezi simmer sauce, frozen chicken, vegetables, rice.  Done did. I love letting the jar do all the work for me.  Sometimes Sunday laziness rolls over to Monday laziness.

I know Monday sucks.  Here are some songs to help you chill out. Breatheeeee

Angus & Julia Stone, “Paper Aeroplane”

Fleetwood Mac, “Never Going Back Again”

The Allman Brothers Band, “Midnight Rider”

I challenge you to find good youtube videos of the last two songs.  Oh life before MTV, how did we survive?


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