Weekly round-up

TGIF ya’ll [I can say that, I’m from the country]

Let me start with some mini-victories from this week:

1.) my dad discovered that we do, in fact, have a french press.  So me filtering my cold brew coffee for the past month or so has been completely unnecessary.  Bring on the convenient caffeine!

2.) I cleaned my room.  This included changing my sheets, swiffering my floors, AND organizing my shoes. Hallelujah.

3.) I’m getting my teeth cleaned today. Oh. Yeah.

hey, it’s the small things that count

Now for your weekly dose of procrastination…

a wee little infographic about typography.  It’s more important [and hard to master] than you think!

a victorian re-model…with a modern addition

Birchbox: is it worth it? Who knows.

I need this business card.

All things French make my heart swoon.  Who wants to go here with me!?

Finally! A way be rewarded for recycling [outside of that guilt-free conscience]

An awesome website with pictures of awesome people hanging out

I may be doing one or all of these things this Sunday…in theory.  I’ll report back on that.

ok folks, over and out- have a great weekend!

but real quick, a song: Company of Thieves: “Death of Communication”

I like that chick.  She rocks hard.


2 thoughts on “Weekly round-up

  1. Just thought I’d let you know how awesome your sister is, I already subscribe to Birchbox (it was ok last month and pretty awesome this month), I already have petitioned for Recyclebank in my area, and am telling you to look into Terracycle until you can get Recycle Bank 🙂

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