Comfort Food

So I may not be the best scooper-outer, but so long as this sucker makes it safely onto a plate no harm is done.  Actually, if a little dripped on the floor I might pull the 5-second rule.  Just saying.  It’s that good.

I found this beauty over at “Gourmet” thanks to a link from the Kitchn.  Miracle workers over there, they knew just what I wanted.  It’s a great Ihavetoomanysummervegetablesinmyhouse recipe.  Tons of tomatoes? check. Corn overload? check.  Add in a healthy dose of cheese and a creamy sauce and you’ve got yourself a winner my friends.

It’s like biscuits-n-gravy meets vegetables, which was just the cure we needed for a case of the Rainy Mondays.  Or rather the Monsooning Mondays.  Yeah, alliteration makes things better. 

A little secret: we actually didn’t have a ton of corn.  My grandparent’s planted a late crop so that particular vegetable overload will probably be happening in a week or so, but what we did have was canned corn.  I know, I know, such a cop-out.  Trust me, no one will notice.  Or care.

It’s not exactly a light recipe.  Not for lack of trying on my part: I used almond milk instead of whole milk and 1/2 cup less cheese, but that barely put a dent in the calorie intake.  No worries, just let it happen.  Enjoy the splurge.  You deserve it!  It sticks to your ribs, and gives ’em a nice hug.  It’s comfort food.  So go.  Be comforted.  Comfort tastes delicious.  Besides, you went running in the rain yesterday right?  Oh wait, that was me.  I thought the storm had passed and the raining was over!  Silly me, the rain is never over on Monsooning Mondays.


ps- here’s a song!

Weezer, “Hang On”


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