The weekly round-up

This week I didn’t accomplish much.  My room is a mess.  My suitcase is still half packed/half strewn across my bedroom floor. [strewn is a weird word, am I right?]  My library book is due in a week and I’m only on the second chapter.  I haven’t applied to any jobs.  I didn’t even watch The Closer or Burn Notice.  I’m slacking.

I did surf on the internet though.  Just for you.

Here’s a chart. I love charts.

This chair is a woodsman’s dream! [and mine] Comfort level is questionable, but hey if I had $5,000 to throw around [and really, who doesn’t] it would be in my shopping cart…like 10 minutes ago.

I’m mildly obsessed with this house, and it’s in DC! I must find it. Stalk much?

This takes some skill…and serious trial-and-error…anyone else have the urge to eat cereal now?…

For your dose of hipster/eco-friendliness I give you links:

1.) for finding a local CSA

2.) for finding grass-fed/pasture raised meats [why grass-fed? This is why]

3.) for renting [yes, RENTING] solar panels

4.) for getting updates/tips on sustainable happenings in the world

I also just wanted to share one of my favorite artist duos with everyone: Christo and Jean-Claude.  I was reminded of their work while reading an Archidose post this week.  I love their instilations because of the statements they make.  I mean, it’s hard to ignore the Reichstag being completely wrapped in aluminum covered polypropylene.  They take art, something originally considered to be ‘high class’, and bring it out into the open.  They make it public and equally obtainable for everyone.  Last summer I was lucky enough to see an exhibit on them at the Smithsonian American Art Museum focusing on their project “The Running Fence“.  Uh-mazing!  I think my favorite is “The Gates“, but there are too many close seconds.

Have a great weekend!

And find these because they’re delicious [and nutritious!]

or just make this

And listen to this: Fitz and the Tantrums, “MoneyGrabber”

kbye, I’m going hiking tomorrow! 🙂


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