I’m in my “happy place”


I found figs!! FIGS!

It was like a little “congratulations” for making it out of Lolla alive.

I was perusing the fruits/veggies at our local health food store because sometimes they have fo free almost-bad bananas I like to snatch up and freeze for smoothies [no dice on that one], I turn around, and what do I see?? Heaven? Possibly. Figs? Yes!

Beautiful, beautiful figs.

Then the anxiety set in.  My first batch for the year.  The pressure was on.  How was I going to use them!?

Sweet? Savory? Pie? Tart? Stuffed with goat cheese, drizzled with honey?

Then I remembered I can always buy more and just do it all.


After being real with myself I decided a tart/pie thing was the way to go because my sweet tooth was raging mad on Tuesday.  I was originally thinking of baking a crostada, but my mom insisted I make minis- probably in an attempt to convince my dad the $100 she spent on a mini pie maker was worth it….this is the second time we’ve used it.  Anyway, I winged it.  **When I say I ‘winged it’ I really mean it.  I was flying blind.  Some people say they wing it when really they have been making something for years and just don’t need to reference a written recipe anymore.  Luckily I was very zen on Tuesday and no one else was in the house to watch me hopelessly stare at the batter wondering if I should add/change any of the ingredients.

I had a box of pie crust [the horror!] in the pantry, and made that as per directions on the back.  As I made the filling I snuck the dough in the fridge so it would be easier to work with later.

For the filling I was referencing flavor combinations I came across when I was researching fig recipes online.  A lot used almonds and brandy and often combined the figs with berries.  I went with the first two since we had them on hand, and mixed it with [what I thought were] typical tart ingredients.

I pulsed 1/2 cup almonds in a food processor until very fine and mixed it with:

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup granulated sugar

3 Tbsp butter, melted

1 egg

2 Tbsp brandy [no judging]

2 tsp flour

Since the mini pie maker whips up a batch of goodies pretty quickly, I cooked the filling in a small saucepan somewhere in-between 5 and 10 minutes [let’s just go with 7] so it could thicken up a bit before I baked it.  After cutting out as many mini crusts as the dough would allow I tucked them into the pie maker and poured the almond mixture overtop. I pressed a few halved figs into the filling, added a drizzle of honey, and closed that sucker until I got the “I’m ready” beep, et voila! Mini almond-fig tarts! [apologies for the bad photos, it was late when I finished baking]

I made a little treat for myself with an iwentbadyesterday peach and some frozen raspberries 🙂 hey, if you’re the one doing the baking you can do these things.

I have to admit- they were a little on the sweet side, which is saying something since I love a good dessert.  Actually, I’m still not sure if it was too sweet or if the flavor was too strong- it’s possible I should have added less almonds or brandy… Maybe adjust the sugar?  I will definitely be tweaking this recipe a bit- it has potential, the flavor was there.  The minis were reminiscent of a pound cake from the ground almonds, and with the flaky crust [the box is legit people!], and the sweet figs- it was overall enjoyable.

Now on to my next fig concoction….


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