Best time of my life.

Until next year when I will definitely be going again.

The line-up was amazing and there were so many great bands performing.  A lot of the shows I wanted to see were playing at the same time so there were some serious internal battles going on:

“Do I go see Girl Talk or Ratatat?”

“But I should DEFINITELY see Coldplay right? I mean, I see Coldplay perform and already my ticket is half-way paid for”.

“Should I spend the rest of my cash on beer or food?”

“Is it worth it to leave this spot to go pee?”

Not to mention Grant Park is huuuuge so sometimes we missed bands simply because it was going to take us too long to walk over to the stage.  Some notable misses for me were Lykke Li, Explosions In the Sky, Cage the Elephant, The Joy Formidable, Young the Giant, and Deadmau5.

Two Door Cinema Club

BUT I did manage to see: Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Castles, Muse, Ratatat, Coldplay, Super Mash Brothers, Chuckie, Eminem, Noah & the Whale, Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr., Flogging Molly…then I had to leave.

A flight home Sunday night was probably not the best decision, but it was complicated…

Also not the best idea: buying a donut, skittles, and diet coke to try and give myself a sugar high while I was driving home Sunday night.  My stomach is still regretting that decision.

The Eminem concert was possibly the best of of my life.  The combination of a.) knowing he probably wont be doing too many more concerts, b.) the cameos, and c.) the fact that I was in Chicago made it unforgetable.  He’s so passionate about his music, and the energy was crazy.  Sure a lot of his lyrics invovle killing/yelling at someone, but hey- he’s sober now.

Muse and Two Door Cinema Club were also major highlights.  They’re excellent live performers- if you ever get the chance to see them at a concert I vote hell-to-the yes. They put on a great show.  Fireworks anyone?

I kind of fell in love with Chicago.  It has an energy that reminds me of NYC, but it’s softer than New York.  Not soft like how guys use it so insult each other [cue Zoolander funeral scene], but soft as in it’s not grungy.  The city really pays tribute to the natural resources they have there.  Totes on my “I want to live there” list.

It was an exhausting weekend of standing/walking/dancing for hours on end, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat [hmm…Coachella 2012?]  Plus I managed to leave the city in one piece, and I’m pretty sure my hearing is un-fazed.  I did think my mom asked me “how were the drugs” instead of “how were the bugs”…that was awkward.  But really, why would she ask about the bugs?


One thought on “Lollapalooza

  1. I enjoyed reading this and can’t wait to go back next year. Everyone knows you just pee yourself there though, come on we’re not missing Deadmau5 alright [insert Vlad joke here].

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