Weekly Round-up

As I type this my body is attempting to recover from an epic weekend.  Sorry if it doesn’t completely make sense.

My goal was to make this post on Friday before my flight took off, but Lollapalooza happened.  So, yeah.

It was pretty amazing.

Scratch that.  It was really amazing!  My first music festival.  My first time to Chicago. The architecture there is infamous, but I had to bite the bullet and decide to save that for another trip.  This was all about the music. And food.  Yeah, definitely food. 

I was going to try and sneak in just a teeny tiny bit of architecture and go to this exhibit, but its $23!!  I’m so spoiled with my free dc museums…

<le sigh>

But more on that later in the week.  While I was busy embarassing myself by trying to dance and sing along to some awesomeness I hope you had a supa fab weekend, and now- to try and cure a case of the Mondays- I give you some sources of procrastination:

Like planning dinner for tonight.  How about some street food? You wont be sorry, trust me, it’s amazing. Aluminum foil not optional.

Or maybe by finding a new way to Figure out what to eat for breakfast

How about making the bold decision to re-stock your freezer…you never know when someone is going to photograph it

Help me decide if I should buy this dress because I seriously can’t do it on my own

Read about street art

Look at microscopic things…my favorites are the Lifesaver, brussels sprout, and blueberry

Or, you know, don’t.  That’s cool.  Lounging with a good book and a drink after work is also a perfect cure to a fierce Monday blues.  All while listening to this:

Mumford & Sons, “The Cave”


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