It’s not fresh until it’s market fresh

[RIP billy mays]

Farmers markets have this crazy allure for me.  Even if the farmers sell the same vegetables to the grocery store I would still prefer to buy it from a farmers market.  They just have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Granted, it could be because I have this underlying can’tquitegetoverit stigma towards big businesses.  I stopped buying Starbucks, I shop at two locally owned grocery stores, I buy handmade jewelry when it’s monetarily possible.  Don’t be fooled, I’m not perfect or anything.  I’m not even sure if me boycotting Starbucks serves any purpose [their espresso is seriously bad though], but I feel like I’m doing something good here. Maybe I’m just being a self-righteous hippie, I don’t know, but I get a nice endorphin kick when I support local, small businesses and farms.  Plain and simple: it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  So, just let me sit in my little ignorant bliss, k?  Besides, I’ve read enough about pesticides and processed foods to last me a lifetime of buying fresh, organic groceries.  I read too much.

But then again maybe I love markets because I feel like I’m in Europe.  I mean, farmer’s markets aren’t exactly an “American” thing.  Here they’re only open for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  What if I’m busy!? [ok let’s be real.  I’m not busy] You walk around Paris or London or Dijon in the Spring or Summer and the streets are lined with stands of fresh fruit and vendors selling orange pressé everywhere you look.  Over yonder people go to the market almost daily to buy groceries for dinner that night.  Not groceries for a week. Groceries for a day. Gotta love the amazing dichotomy here between the enormous American lifestyle [SUVs, McMansions, and big ass refrigerators] to the European lifestyle.  

You have to admit it though, food is pretty!  All the bright colors, the different shapes, the smells.  Talk about sensory overload.

Last Sunday I went to the FRESHFARM market near dupont circle with the main purpose of scoring some figs [it’s become an obsessive search].  I came away with plenty of goodies, none of them being figs.  I still want to visit the U-Street market on Saturday, mainly so I can buy a ridiculous amount of pies from whisked dc, but I have yet to make that happen.

Total round-up:

-2 pkgs. winter wheat & oat fresh pasta, $5 each from Smith Meadows

-7 oz. log of [amazing] bûche noire goat cheese, $7 [$2 discount], from Firefly Farms

**apparently August is national goat cheese month…go figure**

-1 loaf “farmers” bread, $4.75 [unfortunately, I don’t remember the vendor!]

-4 pre-packaged pasture raised buffalo burgers from Cibola Farms, $8/lb

Naturally, I had meals in mind for all of my purchases [because I’m ocd like that]:

Something like this for the pasta and goat cheese

panini for the bread

and well…burgers for the buffalo burgers…

The produce was a little high- especially when compared to the rock bottom prices of the Amish, but it did look fabulous.  Too bad I neglected to bring my camera.  You guys know what a farmer’s market looks like though. You’re smart, you know how to use google images.

As a side note- I’ve recently started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.  It’s what has been missing in my life since Seinfeld went off the air.  Thank you OnDemand.


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