Windows: they’re not just made of glass

So you may remember a month or so back when I admitted my slight obsession interest in doors.  Well, I have another confession: I also like windows.

Sometimes I only like a window at a certain time of day when they cast light into a room just so.  Sometimes I don’t even like the actual window itself, but rather what surrounds it. Heck, sometimes I’m not even talking about the typical double paned sucker you’re staring out of right this second, but ones maybe you never even considered as being a window.

You follow?

Not all windows have to be rectangular and made of glass.  In my book a window is just an object your eyes use to frame a certain object or space.  You know how sometimes you’re walking along a sidewalk, you turn the corner, you look up, and BAM [cue angels music] you find yourself smack in the middle of a vista to l’Arc de Triumph? No? Not all the time? Yeah me neither- I wish.  But what about the Capitol Building in D.C. or the Museum of Art in Philly?  Talk about some sight lines.  Ah, the beauty of urban planning.

So maybe cities aren’t your thing.  Nature creates windows for us all the time too.  Ever sneak a peak at something through a few branches of a tree?  WINDOW!

The following are a series of pictures I took while studying abroad last semester.  I was hoping to go through some of my pictures from Paris but, quite frankly, I have so many to go through it’s exhausting.

I like to be liberal with my interpretation of a ‘window’, but I hope you see at least some form of the term in these photos- or at least where I was going.  A lot are from cathedrals because, let’s be honest, in the world of windows it doesn’t get much better than those.

Happy window shopping!


Fountains Abbey

University of St. Andrews dormitory by James Sterling

...and again

Castle Drogo by Sir Edwin Lutyens

Wells Cathedral

Glasgow School of Art by Mackintosh- his windows are ALWAYS amazing and dramatic

Standing at the Altes Museum framing the Cathedral of Berlin

Richmond, North Yorkshire

York Cathedral

Looking down on London

Salisbury Cathedral

Studley Royal


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