The week’s ruminations

OK, you caught me.

Totes stole that title.  I can’t help it, I love the site. Aaron Karo is hilaaarious- you should subscribe for his monthly e-mails.  It’s like texts from last night and except…better. It’s true.

Example A: “While it’s impressive that scientists are working on ways to engineer pilotless passenger planes, I’d be more impressed if they could crack the nut on taking off and landing while I’m listening to my iPod.”


Example B: “It makes me crazy when people don’t clear the time on the microwave. Not sure why.”

[I concur]

I digress…now for my weekly finds…

I must have caught the shopping bug HARD this week because I noticed the majority of my Safari history is composed on online shopping.

I have been eyeing some b-e-a-utiful jewelry:

Like this necklace– dark gray-blue please

These studs

These wouldn’t hurt either…

This site has some amazing pieces as well- plus they’re eco-friendly! My [not so] inner tree-hugger is loving it.  The Mickey’s Crown Earrings, and the Herringbone and Crescent bracelets are fabulous.  Miiight be saving up for one of those….

EmersonMade is also on my ‘lust list’, but their prices…not so much.  Tone it down a bit, eh?

It’s killing me- I told myself I wouldn’t buy any more clothes this month…Luckily there are only two days left in July 🙂

I’ve also had food on the brain [same ol’ same ol’] and can’t wait to get my hands on some more soup from Fig Food Co.– the Yucatan Black Bean was great.

I’m also in love with this recipe we normally just silce up some of the g-parent’s tomatoes for a vegetable at dinner and eat them with miracle whip so this was a nice departure from our usual routine.  Definitely going to be added to the regular round-up in this house.


I’m starting to get lazy making my cold-brew coffee…trying to decide if its worth it to buy this…probably not…to be honest I kind of just want it so I can keep the bottles- great design

I’ve decided to start investing in cookbooks, I bought three: Moosewood Restaurant, “New Classics”, Heidi Swanson’s newest arrival, and Melissa Clark’s “In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite”.  I started reading Melissa Clark’s…let’s just say I will be experimenting with that cookbook a lot in the near future.  What I love most are the stories that come along with each recipe- the memories.  Who knew cookbooks were such great reads??  And if you did, why didn’t you tell me??

This house is 2cute4words. The charm! Ah the charm is just too much.  The fact that it’s in Jamaica doesn’t hurt either

Also, this was too ridiculous slash awesome to not share.

I hope you all have a FANtabulous weekend! Here’s a nice calming song to start you off early:

The Jayhawks, “She Walks In So Many Ways”


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