A Weekend Exploring Domesticity

I don’t know what it was this weekend, but boy was I domestic.  Maybe someone dumped estrogen in the water…[too sexist?]  Practically all I wanted to do was bake, and cook, and buy cookbooks, and then to top it all off I went to a baby shower!! Do you know how hard it is to say “awww!” for an hour of opening presents? Very hard.  Either way I’m still pumped for that lil nugget to pop out.  I must not have drank too much estrogen-polluted water though because I still involuntarily flinched when my friend asked me to watch her not-even-1-year-old baby while she went to get food.  Do I have to hold it?  Oh man I do not have the motherly gene.

All I know is that I made this:

I have the beet-stained hands to prove it!

and these

and this [seriously, you need to make it ASAP]

oh, and these for dinner with pork instead of turkey [I kiiind of fell in love with this blog]

All were delicious.  All helped me get rid of random items we had in the frigde/pantry.  Wonton wrappers, adios!  Going-to-go-bad-in-a-day beet, l8r g8r!  Unusable-for-a-main-dish-amount of quinoa, au revoir!  Honey mom bought from the Amish a week ago that had yet to be opened, well- I used half of it.  It’s a start.  Yeah, it felt good.  You’re welcome parental units for not wasting the food you bought.  I know you appreciate it 🙂

Here’s a song.  I’m commemorating Amy Winehouse.  Yeah, she was a little crazy and messed up in some bad things, but damn could she sing….

Amy Winehouse, “Tears Dry On Their Own”


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