Sugar? What sugar!?

So I forgot to put sugar in some muffins on Thursday [and before you ask, yes- those are christmas muffin tins.  It was all we had].  I was sitting down at my laptop while those beauties were in the oven, reading some comments on the recipe’s webpage.  One particularly struck my interest, the person was raving about their “fluffy interior” and their “perfect amount of sweetness”.

Hmm, interesting because this recipe didn’t call for any sugar…or did it?  Wait, how can muffins not have sugar in them?? …crap.

To try and remedy the situation I drizzled agave nectar on them thinking that would fix the sugar deficit.  It worked when they were fresh out of the oven, but by Saturday they were dry and no amount of agave could fix ’em.  RIP muffins.

But I had a reputation to uphold! [not really]  This was the second dessert in a row where I struck out in the Wolfe household.  My last attempt was extremely easy, and -I thought- tasty, but the texture was a little odd and veto-ed by the queen bee.  There was a lot of eggs…it didn’t work out.

So I was raiding the fridge Saturday and those chickpeas I had used in my jicama salad were staring me down.  If I didn’t use them quick they would be in the garbage asap, which didnt bode well with me.  I remembered a recipe I came across a while back, and armed with the tomato basil bread my mom bought from the Amish [not so great on its own, too tomato-ey] I had a plan.

Blend chickpeas, lemon, garlic, olive oil.  Toast bread.  Combine.  Eat.

Success!!  My breath was pretty killer after that kick of garlic, but nothing a stick of gum and a fresh teeth brushing couldn’t handle.  I think I’m going to let the realm of desserts in this household consist of Breyer’s ice cream for a while.  It does the job much better than I do.


4 thoughts on “Sugar? What sugar!?

  1. Jesse, thanks for commenting over at my site—-glad the chickpea spread saved you from your sugar-less muffins. Thanks again for stopping by! Cheers—S

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