Leftovers- it’s like sustainability for food!

All you leftover haters out there: you’re crazy.  Yeah, I know who you are. The one’s who gawk at me when I eat a salad for breakfast [yes, I did that]. The one’s who look at me cross-eyed when I down some [cold] pork chops and green beans once I wake up.

Ok, so I admit it.  That sounds weird when I read it back to myself.  Pork chops for breakfast?  I don’t know what it is.  I just like day old food.  The flavors meld and intensify overnight…or something like that.

But I must say- I’m very skilled at making leftovers into new meals.  I like to attribute it to the two years I lived off campus at college and was too lazy/too broke to buy more groceries.  It also helps that I pretty much love all food so most combinations don’t turn me off.  Except anything with pickles.  Or olives.  I shudder.  I still remember one of my good friends in high school would literally be holding back a gag every time I brought a Nutrigrain Bar to lunch.  Apparently the texture is gross.  I’m cool with it.

So yeah, we had a ridiculous amount of cheese left over from our wine party, but it was nothing two cups of macaroni noodles couldn’t handle.  Seriously, I recommend mixing different kinds of cheese together for mac-n-cheese.  It’s lovely.  Or, as my dad said, “it’s like a different meal in every bite!”

A few weeks ago I managed to make twice as much quinoa as I needed for this breakfast, and I made these amazing quinoa patties.  I’m kind of obsessed.  ‘Totes’ making extra quinoa on purpose from now on.

Leftover grilled chicken, you think you scare me? Pshh I bought a plantain, sliced it, satl&peppered it, baked it et voila! Grilled chicken and plantain wrap.  Throw in some salad greens and a little brie [ok so maybe I didn’t use all the leftover cheese in the macaroni], and you’re golden. 

I tend to go with my gut on these random creations, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out so great.  But a general rule I go by: if you like the flavors by themselves, you will probably like them together.  Just not too many at once.  Simple is key my friends. 

Using leftovers is a serious skill.  Embrace it.  Trust me.  It saves you money plus you never get that guilty conscious for throwing out food!  Or is that just me?

Hate leftovers? I judge you. But whatever- listen to this song! You’ll like it

Danger Mouse ft. Jack White, “Two Against One”


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