My friend posted a recipe for a jicama pepita garbanzo salad on her pinterest account.  I was immediately intrigued.  Jicama? Qu’est-que c’est?!  She assured me it was awesome so I was on the hunt.

Obviously St. Mary’s grocery stores would be jicama-free.  Why was I surprised?

Alas, Whole Foods came to the rescue.  It was our main purpose for going to the Annapolis mall, clearly, and when perusing the vegetables I saw it: Jicama!!  I snatched one up and the next day I was finally able to taste this mythical vegetable.

Its not your typical salad, there’s really only two vegetables in the whole thing [plus I added cherry tomatoes because our plant has been pumping them out lately], but it was fabulous. In regards to the recipe: I cut the olive oil in half for the dressing since I like the flavor of vinegar and don’t think it needs so much olive oil to soften it.  The jicama has an almost sweet taste to it, but is still reminiscent of the typical earthy flavor all root vegetables share. That combined with the salty pepitas and the tangy dressing: perfect symmetry my friends.

Note to self: always listen to Erin.  Girl knows what she’s talking about.  I’m still not sure how she even knew about jicama in the first place, but I don’t really care.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go crack a beer and watch the U.S. women’s team kick some ass #WWC2011


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