The weekly round-up

So yeah, I normally do this on Friday.  I was busy/a disorganized mess.  My b, my b! But I have two interviews in the next two weeks so thats an accomplishment!  It only took me a month and a half…

I have some interesting finds this week though if I may say so myself [and I may].

A new foodie website if you need some more plate inspirations

and just in case that wasn’t up to your standards- here’s one that is like a Pandora for recipes!

Burn magazine- a blog for Emerging photographers

Feeling dumber [dumberer?] lately? Maybe the interent is to blame

Sugar rush.  Making my next online food purchse from here once we get our sweets fix from here.

Blog showcasing book and literature cover art

A little business in the front and party in the back

I would also like to mention that I have officially found the house of my dreams …now who’s buying it for me?…

And I leave you with a little treat.  We found this note yesterday that the ‘rents kept from my sister.  The same sister that, when told by my mom she couldn’t tell her “no”, wrote the word on a bajillion post-it notes and would point to them.  Her response was “well you told me I couldn’t say ‘no'”.  She was 4.  This is who I’ve dealt with for almost 23 years…


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