A week of sifting

…through the internet that is.

I found some cool stuff.  I’ve been job hunting which, unfortunately, takes up a lot of my free time and seriously shortened my websurfing.  How rude.  Enjoy!

Yeah, this was in our kitchen so I took a picture of it. Pretty, no?

Eat Local! If you live in or around DC you should definitely check out some of these events.  [um HELLO! pig roast!]

Ever wonder what they ate during the American Revolution?? Yeah, me neither.  But I still thought this was an interesting article.

What about a day’s diet in the Tour de France?? Again, me neither.  But, again, I thought it was interesting [they eat so much!]

Because everyone loves The Princess Bride

Snack time! Our health food store only has the bars, but the ‘sweet and sour’ and ‘original’ are tres bien.

Excellent web design by Grandpeople– plus there work is super awesome.  I want those red converses.  I also want the album cover for The New Wine just as art…especially the first image.

Kind of a long article, but worth the read- I swearz!

This is funny

New way to procrastinate at work: found

Have a grrr-eeeeaaaat weekend! If at any point you need a caffeine boost [and really, who doesn’t?] you should try THIS! No worries, I don’t have a french press either.  I go retro and soak 1/3 cup ground espresso beans in 2 1/2 cups water overnight in a thermos, then put a coffee filter in a flour sifter [yes, a sifter], pour the mix over the filter and let it drip. Easy peasy, and delicious.

I think she could probably use some caffeine. Luckily she naps for 90% of the day.


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