Things I got from the UK

1. An addiction to caffeine.  When its 35 degrees outside and your professor has no understanding of the phrase “I’m cold”- you turn to warm drinks.  Like tea.  And cappuccinos.  It got to a point where I was downing two teas and a double capp a day.  Whatever, I’m warm-blooded.

2. A love of scones.  And ‘biscuits’.  Not cookies.  Biscuits.  Tea -n- Scones = one of the best combos out there.  A warm fragrant drink with a comforting and justsweetenough scone is perfect on a cold day.  Or any day for that matter.

My mom also likes scones.  Not because she lived like the Brits for a few months but because there used to be a cute little tea shop in our downtown that served handmade scones everyday.  They were amazing.  But they closed.  Damn recession!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday.  So I made her scones for breakfast.  I think I might have to try another recipe though because these didn’t turn out like the dense crumbly ones I’m used to.  Or maybe I should take the time to measure everything out.  I was kind of in a rush and may have eyeballed a few measurements.  My bad.

But I saved them! And they did taste pretty good- when they first came out of the oven anyway.  The next day they resembled a dry cake.  Not so great.  I still need to give it another go.  These didn’t do scones their justice.  I’m sorry scones. I’ll try harder next time.


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