Here’s to long weekends

My sister visited from Houston for the 4th of July weekend- so I ate a lot of cupcakes. My cupcake intake dramatically increases every time she is around.  After my mom and I picked her up from the airport I drove them around dc, stalked a food truck for lunch, and bought cupcakes.  Not regular cupcakes.  GIANT cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop.  My eyes about popped out of my head when my sister said she was buying a dozen.  There is no way. A DOZEN!? But we did it.  Yes, we ate a dozen massive cupcakes.  I don’t want to talk about it.

The Lemon Meringue, and no- thats not mustard on top.

…but actually I do. They were de-lish. Especially the apple crumble and the galaxy cupcakes. Excuse me while I go run 10 miles to work this off.

I also went to a pig roast.  This is why I love St. Mary’s county.  Literally these two guys bought a pig, roasted it in the backyard of a bar, and set up a picnic style buffet of food for people to eat with the pig they were carving IN THE BAR.  It was heavenly.  If you’ve never been to a pig roast it should go on your bucket list asap because it’s delicious. Especially the skin.  Can’t beat it. [sorry if you’re a vegetarian]

Then we had crabs.  I made pork empanadas for myself, my dad, and my grandma.  We drank beer.  It was nice.

I finished reading a book.  Finally.  “Let the Great World Spin”  It’s officially on my top 5. Seriously it was amazing.  The Poisonwood Bible is still my #1 though…well maybe Harry Potter 5 is…let’s just call it a tie.

I love relaxing summer days like these.  You sit outside, eat, drink, and have conversation. And repeat of course.


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