My mom threw a ‘wine-tasting’ party this weekend.  I made the food, so I decided I could also make it my wine tasting party and invited friends.  It was fun.

I like to pretend I’m a wine-o, but really I just know that I like dry wines with a nice finish, and Malbecs and old vine Zins are my favorites.  Chardonnay in the summer hits the spot as well.

I was a baking/cooking fiend for two days making this [beyond amazing], and these [in minis], and I made these again [with elderberry jam this time].

Since our family is big on butterscotch I also made these suckers.

Then I cheated and baked some frozen spanakopita.  Whatever, no one knew  🙂

I picked out a bunch of cheeses too.  I’ve been eating a lot of leftover cheese…I’m all cheese-d out.

I’m also all grape-d out.  We definitely over bought grapes.

It was funny hearing all of my parent’s friends- who have known me since I was a child- constantly commenting on how they can’t believe I’m old enough to drink alcohol.  Sorry for making you feel old…

Our family is also going to have to be drunk for the next week in order to drink all of the wine people brought, opened, and tasted.  It’s going to be a fun week. Just in case you were wondering- playing beer pong with wine corks is surprisingly easy.  Who knew!? Happy 4th!!


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