I hope you all enjoy my weekly posts on the random assortment of things I find on the internet because a.) I’m going to keep doing them anyway and b.) I like to have a place I can reference all these things. 

Here are my discoveries from the past week:

New favorite snack: Earnest Eats Granola Bars.  I thought my favorite was the almond trail mix bar, but I recently tried the cran lemon zest and it might be a tie…

New favorite house/addition. Hmm or maybe this one? Can we just admire those ceiling heights and windows please??!!

This Etsy shop that was featured on a blog I follow, The Daybook. I don’t usually wear a watch unless I’m running, but these might make me change my ways.  They’re only $20!

I like this. Industrial design is just 2kewl for skewl.

Ok, so I actually didn’t find this article this week, but for some reason I remembered it today so I wanted to share it with you.  If anyone lives in the DC area they should definitely check it out– Prince Charles did!

This is pretty cool– plus its helping her get out of debt! Hmm I wonder what I could do…

I’m always a fan of new affordable housing ideas- just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.

I love photos of street art.  Its always unexpected, and shows how creative the mind can be- seeing something else in something [ya follow me?]…

…and its also hilarious.

I’ll leave you with a song: Nickel Creek, Smoothie Song”

Enjoy your long 4th of July weekend! My sister is in town 🙂


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