Herb garden

I’m a proud mother…of an herb garden.  My babies [basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers] have been growing so fast! Granted, I have to thank my mom for remembering to water them, because otherwise they would starve.

We bought the plants from the Amish about a month ago, and I’m loving having fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes on the back deck-the peppers aren’t doing so well.  I used to just substitute dried herbs when a recipe called for fresh [cutting the measurement in half- dried herbs are more potent], but fresh always tastes better.

You know who else loves fresh herbs? Japanese beetles.  Hate them.  I went out to pick some basil a week ago and they were ALL OVER MY BASIL! Mother Nature vs. Mother Nature

The sage is a little bit overzealous and is getting out of control. But thats OK.  I’ll just have to make an effort to find more recipes with fresh sage…

And oh-em-gee those cherry tomates are like sugar! They are a million times better than the ones from the grocery. In my salads every day! [slash I eat them almost immediately after picking them…whoops]

Sorry for gushing I just wanted to brag about my children a little bit- I hear that’s normal.

I also want to gush about this song by Miike Snow.  It’s awesome.  That’s it, it’s just awesome.

Miike Snow, “Black and Blue”


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