River Concert Series

Every summer in St. Mary’s country we like to pretend that we’re cultured folk and St. Mary’s College hosts a River Concert Series.  Its every Friday night during the summer, and people can come to the college, plop down on the ‘greens’ and listen to an orchestra play music for two hours or so.  That’s all code for ‘get drunk in public’.

Some people take the concerts seriously though.  They come with entourage and sit in the ‘serious listening section’. I’m talking they have blankets, chairs, coolers of beer and wine, and a spread of food.  Like good food.  I get hungry looking at them.

Those are the classy people though.  I’m not like them.  I sit on the grass in the ‘socializing section’ and bring a cooler of Coors Light and throw in a nicer beer to try and fit in.

Then I go buy ice cream.  Mainly because ice cream cones make me happy and partly because Maggie Moos is amazing.  Mmmm butter pecan!

It’s a lot of fun though- I always look forward to it, and its a great time to see a bunch of people you haven’t talked to in a while…but sometimes that isn’t so great.  Sometimes you haven’t talked in a while for a reason.  Oooh the trials and tribulations of living in a small town.


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